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As noted on our Home page,,, and are owned by The Internet Freight Terminal. Consequently, if you subscribe to this site, you will also have access to these additional sites.

The Step Deck Carriers subscription options are shown below:

A Basic Subscription - $14.95/month includes:
A 7 day FREE trial.
Access to the postings and contact information on,, loadboardsand loadboards
If you have loads and you need trucks you can post your loads on the Freight Terminal and Load Solutions loadboards and when you indicate a load is for a stepdeck truck it will automatically appear on the website.
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A Premium Subscription - $24.95/month includes:
A Premium Subscription includes all the features of our Basic Subscription including a 7 day free trial.
In addition, it includes a Premium access to Load Solutions is a loadboard like but it also has a giant database of manufacturers all over America who have 15 or more employees. You can search this database by city and even select a radius around the city. Search results include the company's name and address, their product(s) and the number of employees they have. This makes it easy to select and contact companies who are likely to have the kind of step deck freight you are looking for. If you are looking to expand your shipper base, this can be an invaluable tool for you and give you a competitive advantage over Carriers who have no idea how to find new shippers.
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1 YEAR SPECIAL - Premium Subscription For Only - $100.00:
Includes A 7 day FREE trial.
Member access to loads on the,, and websites.
It also includes member access to the huge database of manufacturers in America on
Unlimited posting.
This option gives you full access to our sites for an effective rate of only $8.33 per month
A 1 year subscription will not renew automatically at the end of the 12 months. However, you can request a renewal at the current rate at any time during the current subscription and up to 30 days after the subscription expires.
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